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                                                         Caring for Your New Pet
Foster Parents
TNR and Low Cost Vet Solutions

Learning Center

We have assembled a library of materials for adopters, fosters and those who are participating in trap, neuter and release programs. Materials were either authored by one of our Sunshine Rescue Group volunteers or board members or we were granted permission to provide links or reproduce materials as a convenience to our visitors. Please leverage the valuable information contained within the Learning Center before contacting us with issues or questions.

So you're bringing home a new little furry addition. Congratulatons! We wish you and your kitten(s) a lifetime of love and companionship. To get started on the right "paw", we offer the following resources which we think will be helpful to both new kitten adopters and seasoned ones.

Oakland SPCA
"What We Expect Before Adopting a Pet"
Karen Commings

"The More the Merrier"
Humane Society of the United States

"Maintaining Your Cat's Health"
Lynn Metler

"Age Appropriate Pets"
Franny Syufy

"How to Introduce Your New Cat to the Rest of the Tribe"
Jacque Lynn Schultz

"Crowded House"
Jacque Lynn Schultz

Jacque Lynn Schultz

"Cat's Play"
Jacque Lynn Schultz

"Feline Nocturne"
Elizabeth Teal

"Tea Time"
Ginnie R. Maurer, PAW*

"Cat Care Handbook"
Cathy Imhoff, PAW*

"Allergies to Animals"
Cathy Imhoff, PAW*

"Training Your Cat to Use the Scratching Post"
Jennifer Dougherty, PAW*

"The Facts About Declawing"
Companion Animal Rescue Alliance (CARA)

"How to Introduce Your Cat and Dog"
Companion Animal Rescue Alliance (CARA)

"Help! Litterbox Problems"

*Partnership for Animal Alliance

Okay, now you are a foster. What's next? Sunshine Rescue Group's Foster Co-ordinator has prepared a guide for you:

Dolores McDonnell
"Dolores' Guide to Fostering"

In addition, fosters are highly encouraged to read:

Pets in Need
"The Kitten Rescue Handbook" (modified version)
East Bay SPCA

"Cat and Kitten Fostering"
Kitten Rescue

"Kitten Care Handbook"

If you are trying to do your part by trapping ferals in your community to help curb the feline population, Sunshine Rescue Group has assembled a list of resources that may help with your crusade. And on behalf of Sunshine Rescue Group, THANK YOU!

If you are looking for programs to assist you in covering the cost of spay/neuter or pet vaccinations, we have provided possible resources for you to consider.

Trap/Neuter/Release, Low Cost Spay/Neuter and Vaccination Resources

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